How to cure the burns from the salt an ice challenge?

It is dark red right now and I did it Saturday morning with a friend. Its been half gone for 2 days, will it go away or stay as a scar? Thanks it does not burn or itch anymore it only hurts when you touch it. Thankss

This is the fourth time you have asked this question. Either you are making bad choices and doing it alot or your maybe trolling. In either case the best way it to not do it in the first case. But assuming the worst and you are doing it and not trolling. If the skin is not broken then a moisturizer or something like the product BURN GEL. That will relieve any pain and help the healing as it has Aloe and tea tree oil and lidocaine. Don't do it again. FYI that salt ice challenge is trying to cause a case of frostbite. I can't believe people do that stuff. If this is a troll I hope you get the piles or do a whole body salt and ice challenge.