How to make acrylic nails shine and give them that pretty "see -through" look?

i just started doing acrylics and i cant seem to give them that see through, shiny look. Even with a very nice top coat they still look kinda rough and dull. am i not filing and buffing them enough?

If you really want that look, don't do acrylic nails, and don't buff them for a few days! I feel like if girls buff them even a little too much, it really ruins the look. What I usually do is put on a see-through base coat, do the white tip, and then put on a top coat. If you don't want a french manicure and you want colored acrylic nails, definitely make sure you're using decent brands, and if you still need a shiny look, go for an extra coat or two of the top coat. But do not put more than three coats on or it'll look bad. I hope this is what you were looking for, good luck!