How to kill someone slowly and painfully?

No I am not planning on killing someone. I am writing a book and I need a creative and painful way to kill someone that will make the readers cringe! Mwahaha

Killing them slowly and painfully or inflicting as much non fatal torture as possible. Waterboarding is painful and scary for the person (its also popular in Iraq right now) Low fatality cutting up slowly or skinning as well can be done. takes as long as you want, painful, but not original However you can take tips from some of the worst deaths in history, add a classy element as well, the killer can talk about their love of history or about the time while they kill them. Crusifixtion was said to be the most painful way to die this was the main way to be killed if sentenced to death in the Roman Empire. Christians believe that Christ died the most painful death to have ever died to pay for our sins. He was beaten, whipped with a cat o nine tails and a crown of thorns then hung on a cross Impalement was the favorite means of torture by Vlad the Impaler. A wooden pole usually 5-10 " in diameter was forced anally through the person. This could take between minutes to 6 hours depending if you hit a major organ (for the story you could miss everything important) This is rather painful and they get intense pain every time they move. Hope this helps