How to add more space to local disk C from another hard disk without format?

i am running out of space on local disk C. I want to add more space from another local disk, without format or no damages to my data. guys please help me !! please tell me how!

no you cannot add data to your c drive without re defining your partition and to do that you must format. . buti have a trick that will cut a lot of space from your c drive. . no need to worry i am not a faggot that wants to corrupt your computer. i am a sincere person who wants to help. . first, make sure that you can see hidden files. go to control panel, files and folders. there will be an option to see hidden files. then, go to C:\Documents and Settings\(whatever your username is)\Local Settings\Temp . you will see a lot of files there. select them all. delete them. . no, i can promise you this much that your windows wont black out. you have the permission to burn me on fire if it does. . i am pretty sure there might be some windows popping up that (name of file) cannot be deleted as it is currently in use. in that case, choose every file excep that one. . finally, empty all contents from the recycle bin. you will be surprised to see how much space the recycle bin takes up. . when i first did this, i cut don 2gb of space.